Why doesn’t Wiz Khalifa have a fashion blog?

You guys, I really think Wiz Khalifa should be a fashion blogger.

For starters, his music is really just him saying how much he loves weed over and over which is cute when your audience is 19-year-olds, but this guy is a DAD now. It’s time for him to indulge in the finer things in life that don’t have to be smoked out of a bong.

But here’s the thing – Wiz actually dresses really well. I’d much rather see him front row at Alexander Wang than Kanye (love you Kanye, but the Kardashian thing is just…). I would also love Wiz to have a fashion blog, because he’d very likely write in run-on sentences like he raps. That’s cool. I’m down with run-on sentences.

Wiz is just like, “Casually chillin’ in my Gucci loafers – man, mustard is the hottest color of the fall.” 

I’m pretty sure Tavi Gevinson has worn this exact same outfit, and DON’T THINK I DIDN’T NOTICE YOU WORE THE SAME SHOES TWICE, WIZ!

I mean look at this album cover. It’s like Prince and Donatella Versace had a love child. The fur! The leather! The tattoos! What Donna Karan really should have done is send Wiz down the runway at NYFW, because he is already much more appealling than Rita Ora. He could even wear women’s clothes. Doesn’t even matter.

Wiz has already mastered the fashion blogger technique of standing in front of really expensive-looking things and being photographed. That fountain could be in front of a La Quinta Inn for all we know, but it looks posh so toss on a gold belt and you are set.

HE BUTTONS THE TOP BUTTON. What other rapper does that?!

Dear Wiz, please be a fashion blogger. Thanks.

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