What To Do Before A Long Flight

I travel a lot, and have tried my damnedest to perfect my routine. Yet, for some reason, I ALWAYS miss something. If you’re flying more than two hours, here’s what you need to do:

1. Bring headphones.

A major DUH, but make like Santa and check your pockets twice for these suckers. I go for the Apple earbuds because the giant noise-canceling ones tend to be uncomfortable if you’re leaning on the window to sleep. 

2. Don’t take a sleep-aid you’ve never taken before.

You don’t want to be like Ralph Lauren’s niece and go postal on the plane, so let’s avoid taking a sleep-aid, unless you know just how your body will react to the drug. If you forgot your melatonin, splurge for the glass of wine. But ONLY ONE. You’re a lady, after all.

3. Wear something comfortable.

I know, this is a given, but something that’s comfortable for an hour can be horribly painful after five hours. (High-rise jeans, I’m looking at you.) What up, yoga pants.

4. But bring a change of clothes – and put them in your luggage on TOP.

If you have a business meeting or you’re meeting with a hottie (or just don’t want to look like you’re a Lululemon employee), you’ll likely want to change out of your comfy clothes. Airport bathrooms are tiny, and no one wants to touch those walls/floors/surfaces/or breathe in there, really. Plan your outfit beforehand, and put it on the top layer of your luggage. Boom. Fast changing like a champ.

5. Make sure you sync your Spotify playlists BEFORE you fly.

Made this crucial mistake today. My playlists were synced on my old phone. New phone? Not so much. And then there was silence.

6. Know that you CANNOT stream video with Gogo In-Flight Wireless.

Pro-tip: If you’re paying for the free wifi because you want to watch movies… sorry, dudes. You can’t with Gogo. (Trust me, I’m as sad as you were.)

7. Withdraw cash.

Turns out, not every city lets you pay for cabs with cards. Womp.

8. Have a sense of humor. 

Yes, long flights suck. Maybe you’ll get a middle seat and you’ll be bummed. But if you do, there’s always selfies with sleeping strangers – my new favorite pastime. 

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