What I’d Wear if I were Way Richer

Let’s pretend for a moment that I’m a trust fund baby and have unlimited funds that I can devote to the greater things in life, like lattes, Burberry bags and hot yoga three times a day. In this world I am obviously very skinny and hilarious and still down to Earth, and this is the outfit I’m wearing in this elaborate dream. (I also have arms that make Michelle Obama so jealous she calls Homeland Security to keep an eye on my taut limbs.)

A girl can dream, right?

What would you rock if you could wear anything and had unlimited funds?

What I want to wear right now

What I want to wear right now by theaneal showing how to wear denim skinny jeans Victoria Beckham tie neck blouse / Topshop denim skinny jeans / Burberry genuine leather tote / Yves Saint Laurent BLACK eyewear, $325 / Butter london nail polish