Vintage Graphic Tanks: Thanks, Dad!

Dear Dad,

Sorry I stole your tank top. Or is it my stepmom’s? I don’t know, but this vintage men’s workout tank top is my new staple – and I’m never giving it back.

Love, Thea.

I’m convinced vintage t-shirts are ten times better than new ones because the’re already broken in. They’re already soft and worn in the right places and don’t have tags that stab you in the neck. The next time you’re at a thrift store, check out their t-shirt section – just make sure you wash it before you wear it.

If you’re wondering what I’m drinking, it’s whiskey. Just kidding, it’s iced black tea with half a pump of classic syrup. That’s my whole shit, so next time you head to the ‘Bucks, give it a try.

Photos by the handsome Ronny Nause.

Tank: VintageJeans: MadewellBracelets: Lotta StenssonNecklaces: VintageDelicately peeking bra: Victoria’s Secret

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