The Ultimate Tieks Review

I put Tieks by Gavrielli flats to the ultimate test – wearing them for more than two months every day to see if they’re really worth the purchase. Read on for the ultimate Tieks review – which was in ZERO way sponsored by the brand. These views are 100% mine.

How much were they?

Yes, I know, you’re scared to buy Tieks because they’re more than the $20 flats you usually buy (that last approximately four wears). I bought the Silver Screen Tieks. Since they’re a metallic shade, they run more than the usual $195 for plain colors, coming in at $235. Tieks go up in price depending on how complicated the design and material are, like “copperhead snake” ($295) or “Toscani” ($345).  However, there’s no shipping! It’s the little wins.

Was this a spur of the moment purchase?

It took me almost a year to pull the trigger on buying Tieks. While I have no qualms with dropping dough on nice shoes, there’s something about spending $235 on a pair of flats that gave me heart palpitations. I can account for most of the flats I’ve bought over the years, from American Eagle (lasted approximately two years with frequent wear), Madewell (lasted less than a year with medium wear), Calvin Klein (lasted approximately three months with minimal wear, except for three long days at a conference), and Y.R.U. (still going strong after two years of frequent wear). The combined price of all of those was still less than my Tieks.

I bought these the same day I paid off my student loans (suck it, education system) as a celebratory gift to myself.

silver screen tieks 2

How did you choose a color?!

It was a struggle. These shoes come in so many delightful colors, that was a good two-hour experience in itself. I originally wanted the Burgundy Tieks, but went with silver because there were less instances of them on Pinterest. I didn’t want the same shoes as everyone else, and right now, metallics are the new nude.

How was the sizing?

Right on point. They are a little, tiny, eensy bit big, but I’d order your regular size so that they aren’t cutting off your circulation in your feet.

Do they smell bad?

I’ve read a decent amount of complaints about Tieks smelling gross. With the leather and nicer materials, it makes sense. They’re not ultra-breathable. After two months in mine, I would venture to say they smell better than most flats I’ve worn that long. I wouldn’t offer them up under someone’s nose, but I wouldn’t be scared to take them off under my desk at work.

Are they comfortable?

Tieks are straight-up heavenly. My only gripe is that I have a high instep, which causes the shoes to “gap” in the center of my foot. My flat-footed friends don’t have this problem, but I wish there was an option to get a higher instep made into the shoe. Otherwise, they’re very comfortable. I’ve worn them every day for two months and haven’t gotten a single blister. Yeeeah. Unheard of.

Are they well-made?

Tieks are almost too well-made. I can confidently say that I feel like these are higher-quality shoes than my Manolo Blahniks. Yeah. I said it. The reason I say they’re almost “too well-made” is because I’m sometimes slightly worried I’m going to accidentally destroy them. I avoid water at all costs and try to avoid scuffing them if cement stairs ever present themselves. I wish Tieks would make other types of shoes this comfortable – like high heels so that I can dress like a real lady.

How’s their customer service?

Their customer service is splendid. I got my Tieks before the estimated delivery date (seriously, when does that EVER happen), complete with a hand-written letter AND an email from the Tieks team telling me how excited they were that I was going to try the shoes.

They had no idea I have a blog and was going to review the shoes – they’re just genuinely that nice to everyone. I felt like I was Anna Wintour.

Of course, in some weird turn of fate, while writing this I heard my car was getting a ticket. I ran out to the parking lot (thankfully not getting a ticket!!) and somewhere along the way stepped in gum. I googled options to take care of it, and landed on using peanut butter. I tweeted a picture of the conversation I had with my friend who also owns Tieks.

Tieks of course responded saying to email them for help. Since this is 100% my fault, I won’t be emailing them to take care of my gum problem, but I will certainly be buying more Tieks in the future.

Would you buy them again?

Yes. I would. I want to buy them again now. Tieks are 100% worth the money. I’m so happy I splurged on these shoes, and I would be personally shocked if you didn’t love them too.

Tell me in the comments: Which color Tieks do you love? Did you get Tieks and love them?

  • Laurie D

    Thank you. This is the first in depth review I’ve found. I too have been contemplating a purchase but have been on the fence about the expense vs. Would they be comfortable. Now I just have to make up my mind about the color. Starstruck? Snake? Navy? Or the safe flat black? So many choices.

    Hope the peanut butter did the trick & congrats on paying off the student loans!

  • Kimberly

    This is a great review on this shoe….I know you said you try to avoid water, because… leather. lol although from experience couldn’t you put an ice cube on the gum for like 5 mins and just pop the gum off? I’m not exactly sure what peanut butter would do, but if it worked that’s fantastic!

    P.S. Glad you didn’t get a ticket.

  • Lori Gratch

    They destroyed my feet, but somehow the negative reviews never make it online so I didn’t know! Nobody will see this post either, so why am I bothering.

    • Melly Rose Page

      It looks like you may need to size up…or wear them with winter socks to stretch them a bit. I had to use that trick with the metallic pewter and diamond white croc. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Kathy Sommella

      I bought the metallic pewter and hate them. I really wish I would have sent them back. I didn’t because I love the color. I’m a 7.5 settles with the 8 and they still hurt my feet like crazy. I now just use them when I know I won’t be walking long and I keep a pair of other shoes in the car to switch out if I have to walk. I also hate you can see the shape of my toes under the leather. But they are cute.

      • Fran P

        Hi, Kathy! I was planning on getting the Metallic Pewter, but have been reading conflicting reviews on it. Can I ask if the leather was too stiff, or if it was the elastic that was giving you problems? I’m a 7.5 wide, and my size 8.0 Navy in Classic leather fit great out of the box.. Now I’m not sure if I should get the Pewter in 8, or size up to 9, or just skip the Mettalics altogether and just order the Ballerina pink!

        • Kathy Sommella

          I would try the 8 and see how those feel. You can always call them and have them send you the 9 and have them both on. I am medium and they fit tight but after 4 months they have stretched. From what I am told they won’t charge you for the second unless you don’t send it back. The ballerina pink is so pretty in pictures! It is a hard choice. I really do love the color of the pewter.

          • Gina Marie Wake

            I certainly wish I had found this post before I bought mine in June. I never spend money like this on shoes so I thought based on all of the amazing reviews, this would be a wise purchase. I ordered a size 10 – the max size I’ve worn my entire adult life in every shoe ever (often a 9.5), and my toes were visible at the end. I thought – they’ll stretch – an 11 would fall off of me. I should have just returned them and gotten a refund – b/c 1 month of “wearing them in/stretching them out” I ended up with a stress fracture in the foot that was being squished the most. It was no coincidence. Also both shoes have visible worn toe marks – blah. Huge waste of money – not to mention doctor bills, 4 weeks in a walking boot, and PAIN. 🙁

          • Lizz G

            Tory Burch Eddies are FAR superior to Tieks (lined, padded) and my fav. But I did find that with the tirks, patents should be ordered larger, but still hurt the side of top of foot. The pebble leather seems to be the more correct fitting. All in all, I don’t think they would be so popular if OPRAH hadn’t made it one of her things. I truly think people are embarrased to say “They suck!” after spending so much. And shame on them for not taking them back after wearing. LLBean and Lands Ends have that as their standing return policy.

    • Crystal Whitman Neel

      My feet look just like yours! The soles are so hard, how can anyone say they are comfortable? I can not walk around in them more than a couple of hours and my feet are so achy. There is no comfort to them what so ever. Can’t find one HONEST blog. I’m going to review on YELP because they can not remove the review. Also, I have paid $300 before for a comfortable shoe and those shoes are COMFORTABLE. These are SOOO not worth the price, AT ALL. The colors are super cute. I wish that they were made better and had more of a softer, cushioned insole. Tieks are a rip-off.

    • tephanienicole

      Thank you! This is honestly the first negative review I have seen for these shoes! I have been seeing tieks all over facebook and NOTHING but people raving about them. Not even someone saying “$365 for flats???” I only found your comment by literally googling “tieks negative reviews.” I just have a really hard time trusting a company/brand that there are absolutely zero neutral or negative reviews for. Seems a little fishy to me!

      • thea

        I only speak the realness! 🙂

  • Lori Gratch

    They destroyed my feet, but somehow the negative reviews never make it online so I didn’t know! Nobody will see this post either, so why am I bothering.

  • kashbd10

    Not worth it! I wear flats all the time and I must say I’m not sure why they are getting such good reviews. The sole on my matte black tieks started to fall apart after my third wear! I wanted to love these but I am not impressed and they’re definitely not worth the $200!!

    • ADS

      This was the damage on mine with 5 months of wear at work which involves walking maybe 3000-4000 steps indoors on carpeted or tiled floor.
      I have 10-15$ flats that have endured longer and better.
      Tieks customer service offered me a “little discount on my next pair” – as if!!

    • Lizz G

      I would DEFINITELY request an exchange on those!

      • Gina Marie Wake

        This is what mine look like as well, only mine show even more wear. I’ve had them for 3 months and worn them less than 15 times b/c they hurt so badly and led to a stress fracture in one of my feet. The wear is absolutely ridiculous. I’m so mad I didn’t find this site before purchasing!

    • Heather

      This exact thing happened to me on the 2nd or 3rd wear entirely in my office and when I complained they inferred I had done it intentionally.

      • Anonymous

        Mine had the same issue (though not as severe) after one wear that was completely in my office.. The shoes had never even touched grass or dirt, just the cement walk from my home to garage, and from my parking deck to my office. For the price I expected WAY better quality and durability.

    • thea

      I still wear mine a ton so I’m not a TOTAL hater but I’m so sad yours started to fall apart! 🙁