Things I Learned At BlogHer: A Recap

I’m sitting in my connecting airport coming back from BlogHer’13, and all-in-all, this trip was a major success. (And of course, big thanks to my awesome employer, Ignite Social Media, for sending me!)

Here are my top learnings from the sassiest, smartest blogger conference on earth:

1.) Wear good shoes.

 Look, I know you’re a fashion blogger, but comfortable shoes are a must. You’re being thrust into a giant oasis of free products, awesome sessions and the building takes about 10 minutes to walk from end to end, so DON’T WEAR HEELS. Suck it up and wear a flashy necklace or something that keeps eyes off of your shoes.

And, yes, my feet are currently covered in Band-Aids.

2.) Don’t sit in a session if you’re rolling your eyes after five minutes.If the person teaching the “21 Steps to a Rockin’ Social Media Presence” only has 1,500 followers but follows 2,000 people – in fact, they do not have a rockin’ social media presence. You should not stay in the class. Bye. 

3.) Talk to everyone who sits at your table.If they’re at BlogHer, they’re probably smart. You should talk to them. 

4.) Listen to the keynote speakers.

Photo courtesy of the Lean In Facebook page.

Everyone knows I want to be Sheryl Sandberg’s best friend. I want to be the Gale to her Oprah. So when I listened to her speak and then stayed for Lean In Circles, and then she came out to chat with people who stayed (after most others had left), I jumped at the opportunity to meet her and chat with her.

The experience was awesome (she high-fived me AND took a photo with me for her own phone), and it’s all because I didn’t bail when most other people thought it was too early to get up for a keynote speech.

And of course, she encouraged me to get that big tattoo.

5.) Bring business cards. LOTS of them.I am not going to remember your name, let alone your blog URL. Ladies, please bring cards. Lots of them. If you run out, write your info down on a piece of paper for someone. Anything! 

Until next year, folks!

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