Stories Project with BeauCoo

I was super excited to be asked by Beaucoo to create a video about my experience with body positivity (BOPO), and their “Stories Project” has finally launched!

The Stories Project is a place where women can share inspiring stories and messages about body positivity.

The videos are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but they all have one thing in common: body positivity. By sharing their thoughts about clothes, media, and self-image, women can encourage others to live a more body positive life and inspire each other to be voices for change. Through video and social media, we hope women will transform body positivity into a global movement.

You know I’m super into BOPO when I’m okay with my face looking like that in the screenshot.

So get involved, go check out Beaucoo, and give your body a high-five for being awesome, because it truly is.

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