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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Teva for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My favorite Teva sandals in Peaks Teal. So fresh, yet so ’90s – basically my two favorite things.

I have a guilty love for sandals. They make me unequivocally happy, and I basically want to wear them year-round. This could be because I grew up in Michigan and that would be literally impossible.

My stepmom was the first person to introduce me to Tevas – when I was 10 we went on a southwestern road trip, and Tevas were our shoe of choice. There’s nothing better for the desert. I dig that the colors still reflect that cool, ’90s vibe while also evolving with the times. Even though the styles have changed slightly, the awesome functionality is still there. My stepmom still has those Tevas and I still sometimes steal them when I go home to visit.

Since 1984, Teva has been a brand for the go anywhere, do anything, live life for the unscripted moments that make the best memories type person that likes to get out and have adventures.

While my lifestyle has changed a lot since I was 10, Tevas are still pretty clutch. Teva is the official footwear of the Bonnaroo Music Festival, but you could really wear them to any music fest. Teva sandals can be purchased from Zappos. If you are going to Bonnaroo (wear sunscreen!), find more music festival tips and tricks being shared by the community with the hashtag #Ready2Roo or by visiting The Fountain on-site.

Tips for footwear at music festivals:

  1. Don’t try to go bohemian and pretend you don’t need to wear anything. Sandals are NECESSARY at these things, especially when shows are crowded and outside.
  2. Sandals > Boots. Tevas are a good choice for festival sandals because they stay on your feet but still let them breathe. This is a boot-free zone!
  3. Sandals with straps tend to be more comfortable and keep your soles cleaner throughout the day. 
  4. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet!

How do you style your sandals for music festivals? Tell me in the comments!

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