Spiked Tights: Rad or Drab?

URB Clothing is a pretty rad brand I’ve been into for a while, mostly for their melting tights that some may think appear to be a bit sexual in nature (everything is sexual guys, come on now).

URB posted these tights today that are spiked and “coming soon.”


Just no.

I can’t even begin to express how dumb these are. As a fan of all things spiked and weird, it’s pretty bad when even I am literally vomiting in my mouth at how bad these are.

Types of people who will wear these:

  1. Lady Gaga concert attendees who are trying to out-Gaga Lady Gaga herself.
  2. Cosplay fans who aren’t quite sure what they’re playing, but know it has something to do with Game of Thrones. Or maybe it was dinosaurs. They’re not sure.
  3. Anyone at Burning Man.

And all those people are weird and awful, so bye.

Verdict: DRAB. (The drabbest of drab. Drabaroni and cheese. Drabnut butter and jelly. King Drab of the Drabbington Village.)

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