Our Crazy Extravagant Prom Photo Shoot

My friend Candice asked me recently if I could do her stepdaughter Perrie’s prom makeup. I, of course, said yes, because I remember my prom being kind of *meh* but I’m always excited to see what gorgeous gowns teenagers are wearing these days.

Candice then asked if we could snap a few photos of Perrie and her boyfriend Jason. And, well, my photographer boyfriend is a bit of an overachiever.

Ronny’s inspiration for this was Annie Leibovitz’s Louis Vuitton ads, but we think they turned out like a cross between that and Tommy Hilfiger ads. Regardless, Perrie’s got cooler prom photos than any other high schooler in America.

To say Ronny goes overboard with production would be an understatement, but I’m damn happy he did.

Jason’s dad was feeling left out.

And Perrie’s dad, Darren, came too!

No, Perrie is not a pro model, but after these photos she should probably consider it…

Visit Ronny’s site for more of his awesome work – which I really like because it’s free of those awful photographer watermarks. (And because he’s really good.)

Let me know what you think of the photos in the comments! (Or if you, ya know, have any awful prom stories.)

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