Open Enrollment Season: Read Your Benefits!

Back in 2006, before I even knew what "Benefit Enrollment" meant.
Back in 2006, before I even knew what “Benefit Enrollment” meant.

Holy smokes, when did we become grown-ups? Wasn’t it just yesterday we were getting physicals for the 7th grade softball team?

Welp, looks like we need to think about the real world now. As I’ve gotten a “big kid job” and passed the age of 25, I’ve had to join the ranks of folks who have to select their benefit options. Benefit enrollment?! What’s that? Luckily, Aflac has some great info on the importance of reading your benefits, “One emergency away from financial disaster.” So how can you keep this from happening to you?

72% of millennials at least somewhat agree they regularly underestimate the total cost of an injury or illness.

Know the feeling? Me too. Make sure when it’s time for open enrollment, you chat with someone you trust before you get started. Whether it’s your spouse, an HR person, or a good friend you trust, learning about other folks’ experiences with benefits can definitely help you make a decision.

 34% of millennials say they’ve been to the ER in the past year.

What’s worse than going to the ER? Not knowing if your insurance will cover it. Make sure you research your benefit options during open enrollment, but don’t procrastinate. We’re adults now! Decisions like this just come with the territory. Sure, it’s a bummer we get sick and no longer have our parents to take care of us, but we have to make sure we can take care of ourselves.

It feels awesome to be assured while you’re insured. Even if the decision-making process can be difficult, Aflac has a great resource for helping you make the decisions. Be sure to check out the Aflac WorkForces Report website for more information on open enrollment.

Even if we are getting older, it’s definitely for the better. I mean, look how much cooler I look in 2014! Haha.

No more ugly bangs! Halleloo!
No more ugly bangs! Halleloo!


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