OMG, Shoes: Aldo A-List Event at Crabtree Valley Mall

Shoes! Cupcakes! Great music! Oh and did I mention SALES?

Aldo’s A-List event at Crabtree Valley Mall fed my shopping urge and also my sweet tooth. I was invited by my pal Tyler who works at the store, and with 35% off everything, he would have had to basically chain the doors to keep me out. Held after hours, the event was basically a shopper’s dream (you know, aside from the Alexander Wang influencer event where they gave free stuff to everyone. Let’s be realistic with our dreams here.).

Observe the cheetah in her natural habitat ready to make a kill!

I carried around this mint and gold bag for a while before the three different compliments I received from strangers made me confirm I needed to have it. I made a promise to myself that I’d buy some sandals before I left the store. Unshockingly, I broke the promise but that does mean I’m still on the prowl for some kickin’ sandals.

Still dealing with the depression of the gold Parramore sandals not fitting right. </3 Please, if they fit you, buy them and wear them and think of me.

Someday, gold sandals, you will be mine. You know, when I’m born again and don’t have wide feet.

I also forecast a lot of reef and sea-inspired accessories this season. Basically, what would the Little Mermaid wear?

Any purchase over $50 scored more coupons and a gift bag – including the delightful¬†A is for Aldo eau de toilette and some adorable sunglasses. I had a great time at the event and can’t wait to go to another one. Maybe I’ll finally buy my sandals?! Big thanks to Tyler for the invite, and to my girl Heather for taking photos of me while I shopped.

And you know I can’t pass up a good photobooth opportunity.

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