My Five Favorite Bloggers from LuckyFABB!

I’ve returned from Lucky Magazine’s fashion and beauty blogger conference LuckyFABB, much more gorgeous and much more tired than ever! While I attended LuckyFABB for P&G Beauty (#client!), I did get the chance to meet a ton of awesome bloggers that you should definitely know about.

Here are my five favorites that you should start following and drooling over immediately:

Saretta Thais – The Lion in Jewels

You know those girls you see and you’re like HOLY SHIT BE MY FRIEND. Yeah, that’s Saretta. This girl wore the most amazing outfit to the LuckyFABB brunch, I couldn’t even handle it. Her style is so next level, I truly want to play dress-up in her closet. We both love fur and obnoxious accessories – she might be my style soulmate.

Flannery Good – The Fashion Tweaker

Flannery, for starters, has the coolest name ever. Second, her blog reminds me of Pop Rocks and candy – so delicious and crazy bright. In person, she’s just as stand-out – fun to talk to and her outfits keep your attention. Flannery is basically a Kate Spade ad, plus or minus any actual Kate Spade. She’s a breath of fresh air and I loved talking to her at FABB. Also, her photographer is definitely one of the best in the fashion blogging game.

Mega Roopreddy – Dress Up On A Cloudy Day

Mega is a beam of light in person, and I love her vibe. Her look is really refreshing, and I love how her blog is more informative outside of the usual “look at what I wore” style blog. She’s really sweet in person, and made me move over to her table because I was sitting by myself, so not only is Mega super pretty, she’s also a really awesome person.

Kimberly Luu – According to Kimberly

I’m all about mixing textures, and Kimberly totally owns this look. Her blog is really clean and easy to read, and her style reflects that – organized, elegant, but with a touch of rebellion. I dig it.

Parker Simmons – Everyday Runway

I met Parker when her skirt – literally – saved a seat for me. Another blogger whose closet I want to raid, Parker is total hair inspiration too. She also implanted the idea that I should get ultra-long extensions – an idea I am now TOTALLY considering. Parker is also that girl that gets photographed a million times at events like LuckyFABB – she shows up and totally owns the room.

I met so many amazing bloggers and editors at LuckyFABB, and am incredibly lucky I was able to hang out with them all! High five to all the fabulous gals and guys I was able to chat with.