Monthly Splurge: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

If you’ve ever complimented a pair of my shoes, there’s a 99% chance they were Jeffrey Campbell.

I know, maybe you’re thinking “Ugh, these are really expensive,” well that, my dear, is why they are this month’s Monthly Splurge! Fall is coming up, so put away those flip flops (or toss them in a lit fireplace, whichever), dig into your savings account and grab a pair of my favorite shoe brand in the world. Why? They last. They’re comfortable. And they’re gorgeous.

Five types of shoes you need for fall/Five excuses to buy Jeffrey Campbell

  1. Boots. Obvious.
  2. Pointed-toe pumps. This fall, round toes take a backseat to the more adult, more glam pointed-toes.
  3. Flats. Because, helloooo what if you have to walk somewhere far?! Plus paired with tights = perfection.
  4. D’orsays. Because you’re a classy lady.
  5. Litas. This shoe silhouette has been my favorite for more than a year now. I don’t think it’s going anywhere, especially when lower-end shoe companies (looking at you Forever21) are copying the look. Why not go with the original?

Happy shopping! Photo by Ronny Nause

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