Does it Hold Your Boobs In?: My Lululemon “Wild Tank” Review

lifted crow pose

Okay, is Lululemon’s “it girl” top worth the $64? It depends. Here’s my Lululemon Wild Tank review.

lululemon the wild tank

As you know, I love Lululemon dearly. It is very likely the one brand I am ridiculously loyal to, but I’m also very real with. It’s pricey, the styles constantly change (fall in love with a top? Too bad, hope you buy five today because you’ll never be able to again), and sometimes the colors are just terrible. BUT, the clothes are the most reliable for my yoga practice, have lasted longer than any of my more inexpensive finds, and don’t smell like a total dump after I use them.

Let’s get straight to it – Here are the real questions you want from a Lululemon Wild Tank Review:

Does that top squeeze your back fat? Straight up, this top is pretty. It truly *looks* expensive, which, LBR, is an important factor when you’re spending your week’s lunch allowance on a tank top. The best part of Lululemon’s The Wild Tank is the back of the bra. I’ve gotten endless compliments on it, and it doesn’t distract at all during poses. My back fat wasn’t too smushed either. It’s much more comfortable than it appears on the rack.

Can I wear it in hot yoga without smelling like a dirty frat house? I do recommend this top for a practice that isn’t heated. The tank is a little longer than I like, and gets longer as you sweat in it. If you can size down (if your ribs aren’t too big for the bra), it’s a great piece. I wish I’d scored it in a smaller size, but it is casual and cool enough to wear in the summer outside of yoga. I didn’t smell horrible afterward, but the back draping doesn’t hold up to sweat like I wish it would.

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Does it hold your boobs in? will note that Lululemon’s The Wild Tank is a bit boobier than I’d like. It’s also a little annoying that the bra liner is a different color from the outside, so sometimes you have to adjust that. If you have small boobs, you’ll have less spillage.

Overall: This isn’t my favorite Lululemon top of all time. It’s definitely top three, but if you’re worried about the price tag, I would skip and grab the 105 F Singlet instead. It doesn’t have the built-in bra, but the tops are the same material, but with a bit more structure and finished edges in the singlet. Then you can just layer an Energy bra underneath. You get a very similar look, without the low back, which can get saggy as you sweat. If you do go to a LOT of yoga, it’s worth buying simply for a break in the number of times you have to do laundry. And because that back makes your bird of paradise look even paradise-ier.

camel pose

What yoga poses are you guys digging these days? I finally got my lifted half crow, so maybe that’s the real reason I wanted to review this top. 😉

This review is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. Namaste!