Five Local Raleigh Brands To Check Out

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Shop Local Raleigh invited me to their Boutique Blowout last week, and I was pleasantly surprised at the talent right here in Raleigh. Here are a few brands worth checking out and spending your moola on.

Klen Lip Scrub


A chic, wonderfully-designed and delightfully-smelling LOCAL beauty line actually exists! Klen‘s lemon lavender scent smells *exactly* like Thailand, so much so that I was immediately transported back to the sunny beaches and jagged cliffs (minus the sand in my shoes). The brand makes a honey orange lip scrub that is ideal for prepping your lips for matte lip stains. Their lip gloss has a nice texture that steers away from being sticky, but still manages to have a good wear time.



Brachi: Le Petit Roll

I love food. This is true. But I especially love food when the folks serving it are passionate about innovating. Visiting the Brachi booth is always a new experience – this time we scored a meatless chorizo, peppers and guacamole roll and some tangerine agua fresca. Brachi describes their food as “filled artisan rolls” – basically they’re delicious comfort food that’s portable – perfect if you’re on a bike or walking through town. Usually I go for the strawberry Nutella roll, but the meatless chorizo was a total delight. In an alternate universe, this is all I eat and I never gain any weight, just pure happiness and a limitless amount of tangerine agua fresca.

Skinny Bitch

Go Girl Shoppe

I dig these sassy t-shirts from Go Girl Shoppe. With sayings like “Gooder than Grits” and “I can’t adult today,” I obviously identify with this company’s messaging. These tanks and pillows would make great gifts for your girlfriends. These are great pieces for southern girls – if you have a bridal shower coming up, their handmade signs are a great option (way better than a spatula).



While not technically at the Boutique Blowout, we stopped by Treat on the way home from the event. This ice cream spot uses local ice cream from Maple View Farm in Hillsborough – one of my favorite places to get ice cream in North Carolina. The incredibly friendly staff proudly offers “unlimited tastings” – I only needed one before deciding on pomegranate raspberry sorbet. I’ll definitely be visiting again, mostly because I want to try the “matzah ball scoop” – a specialty sundae featuring vanilla ice cream, crushed chocolate-covered matzah and strawberry preserves. [heart-eyed emoji hereeee.]

Porch Fly

Porch Fly

I’ve kept an eye on Porch Fly, makers of eclectic local t-shirts, for a while. They’ve evolved a ton – I was really impressed with their selection of Raleigh-centered tees and tanks at Boutique Blowout. The t-shirt quality is really nice and also catchy – if you have a trolley pub crawl coming up (hahaha yeah right, why would you be reading this blog), you can’t get more on point than the Raleigh Drinking Team tank top.

What’s your favorite Raleigh brand? Share it with me in the comments.