How Should I Style My Hair Next?

hair quote

I love my blue hair a lot. We’ve been together since August, and while it has been my favorite hair of all time, it is a huge pain in the ass to maintain, and it is also costing me hundreds of dollars. (Yes, really.)

So help me out – how should I style my hair next?

Since I’m horrible at making decisions, I’m leaving it up to you guys to choose my next haircut and/or color. Could this be like that time 4Chan tried to send Taylor Swift to Alaska? Maybe. I know for a fact that changing my hair isn’t that big of a deal, but I’ve also spent years growing it out. I’m really into long bobs (lobs) right now, but I am worried I will totally regret it if I chop off 10+ inches of hair that allows me to wear cute milkmaid braids and giant top knots (even if it is constantly knotty and difficult to work with).

Option 1 – cut and color:

hair option 1

Deer in the headlights much, Sarah?

Option 2 – cut only:

hair option 2

Seems low-maintenance, but also maybe a bit maternal.

Option 3 – color only:

hair option 3

This last one is a lot like how my hair has been in the past. At the risk of being too boring, do you guys think this is playing it safe?

Take the poll!

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And feel free to leave any additional ideas in the comments. Who knows, maybe I should just stay blue?