Falling in Love with Gaiam Yoga Pants

Gaiam Limited Edition Printed Capris Exalted Warrior

I always feel happiest on my yoga mat. It’s where I get the sweatiest, it’s where I feel the most at peace, and it’s likely the only place my brain is finally quiet. So what motivates me to throw myself into a hot room for 60 minutes and sweat my tush off? Because it’s fun and maybe I’m a little bit crazy. Gaiam has been in my yoga journey every step of the way. Note: I have been compensated by Ignite Social Media to participate in this social experience on behalf of Gaiam. However, the views and opinions are 100% my own. Mermaid pose Gaiam yoga pants

Yoga isn’t always, or, well, ever easy. The past three weeks have been particularly woof-worthy. I participated in a month-long yoga challenge in June, where I attended 22 days of hot yoga in 25 days. It was the best I’ve ever felt about my body, but of course, in July, my body decided to get bronchitis. I immediately thought, “What the heck?! I’m treating my body amazing, why is it suddenly revolting?!” Of course, the universe had no answers for that.

So I decided to push myself. I headed to Gaiam, and instantly fell in love with Gaiam’s Limited Edition Printed Capri. This was it! This was the push I needed to get myself back on the mat! The purchase process was easy and my package delivered on time, right in time for a “Hot Salutes” class that seriously tested both my biceps, and then my will to live. How many crescent lunges are humanly possible?! How can I make it through 60 minutes of this?! I only took two weeks off from hot yoga! Savasana, where art thou?!

Now was time to distract myself – by staring at my butt. The most important part of yoga – besides breathing, drinking water, and listening to your body – is definitely having yoga pants that ARE NOT see-through. I can happily announce Gaiam’s yoga capris ARE NOT. SEE-THROUGH. I repeat – YOU CANNOT SEE YOUR UNDIES THROUGH THESE PANTS. And I tried. I sat in the brightest part of the room, and I STARED at my butt in the mirror JUST to be sure. Nope. Nothing. Not even a vague shadow of undies! If I could marry these Gaiam yoga pants, I probably would.

Gaiam yoga pants

Since water is also crucial, a wide-mouthed water bottle makes yoga even easier. I scored the Marrakesh Stainless Steel Water Bottle, which has an opening wide enough to put ice cubes in. My ice cubes weren’t 100% melted by the end of the hour long class (in 105-degrees! Yes, I’m insane!), and at only $9.98, this is a total must-have for yogis.

Watercress Cargo Mat Bag by Gaiam

I’ve been using a Gaiam yoga mat since about 2010 without a bag, and finally decided to treat myself with the Watercress Cargo Mat Bag. If you don’t have a yoga mat bag, GET ONE. It’s so much easier to leave class and not have to carry your sweaty mat in your already sticky arms. Plus, there’s a pocket for your water bottle. Boom!

Gaiam Marrakesh Water Bottle and Limited Edition Printed Capri

So I survived my first yoga class after two weeks. Of course, I’m already itching to get back in the studio and get my biceps back into shape. But one of my favorite things about yoga is competing with myself. Next time that Hot Salutes class will be a piece of cake!

Gaiam yoga gear

Photos by Ronny Nause.

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