Five Unexpected Things You Need For A Long Flight

unexpected things you need for a long flight

I recently flew from Raleigh-Durham to Bangkok, Thailand – the entire travel time clocked in around 23 hours, with flights, layovers and getting through security. It was long. I suffered. But you don’t have to!

Here are the five unexpected things you need for a long flight:

Underwear that your butt doesn’t eat.

Yeah I said it. I wore leggings on the plane, and of course leggings mean a thong. Ugh. Welcome to Munchbutt Zone. While I haven’t found the perfect thong for traveling (yet), this Refinery29 article┬áhas some great picks for comfy thongs. Or, avoid leggings and just find some cozy jeans or thick comfy sweats and go with the full-coverage underwear. I bought some Ex-Officio undies at REI, and while I had the greatest intentions of wearing them, I bought the brief version – not a good choice when you’re wearing leggings.

Decent smelling travel-size lotion.

Your skin is going to get dry. I picked up a little bottle of travel-sized Nivea lotion at Target in the travel aisle. Any brand would work, but go through and smell them – you don’t want something too strong, for both your own well-being and for the passengers around you.


Ain’t nobody wanna smell your feet, and keeping shoes on that long is a nightmare. I wore flip flops onto the plane and switched into my socks. Best of both worlds!

This pillow.

I am NOT getting paid to hock the Kuhi Comfort pillow, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever slept on. Seriously, forget every other travel pillow you’ve ever had. I’ve tried all three of the top rated travel pillows on Amazon (this one sucks, this one is less sucky, but still not as good as Kuhi), and this is the only one that made it to Thailand – and was worth a damn. It’s perfect for being shoved up against a window (hubba hubba), or if you’re in a center seat and need a pillow that doesn’t jab your neck straight out. It also doubles as a good place to hide your money (it comes with a carrying pouch).

Downloaded Spotify playlists.

Yes, this is a Captain Obvious statement, but there’s no wifi on flights over the Pacific. SHOCKING, I know. But this does mean you can’t stream your Spotify playlists, so make sure you download them to your phone beforehand. I spent most of the time watching movies, but after 10+ hours of lame films, you might want to indulge in some of your favorite tunes.

What am I missing? What did you forget, or rejoice at bringing, on your most recent long flight?

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