Embarrassing Reviews: Ingrown Hair Serum

Here’s a quick list of the most unattractive things in the world:

  • Being ignorant/racist/condescending
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Warts
  • (I’ve been thinking for about 10 minutes and can’t come up with anything else)

In the vein of Eversothea being the most honest spot on the internet, I’m going to begin my “Embarrassing Reviews” series, where I write about hella embarrassing products so that you can see if they’re worth your money. Before you’re all “But Thea, don’t you have any shame in using embarrassing products and then talking about them on the internet?,” I’ll remind you that shame is for losers and I have none.

The first embarrassing product I’ll review is European Wax Center’s Ingrown Hair Serum, $25. Like most females, I give into the patriarchal society and get waxed. And you know what that means? I get disgusting ingrown hairs (I know, it’s surprising since I’m such a charmer and so graceful, lulz).

Irene, my waxer, filled me in on this European Wax Center serum that sounds like complete and total bullshit at first. A serum that not only prevents ingrowns but also gets rid of the ones you have? HAHAHA YEAH OK! I told Irene I was highly skeptical, but would try it for the sake of science, and because she swore by the stuff.

For starters, this stuff smells really freakin’ good. It smells like a cloud infused with fresh organic lavender. The consistency is also pretty good – this stuff is truly a “serum” and isn’t overly watery. That means a little goes a long way, AKA you get your money’s worth. 

Two weeks later, I have no ingrowns. My feelings are confused. Did this shit actually work? Was it the placebo effect? I really don’t know/care because I’ve successfully gotten rid of one of the most unattractive things on Earth.

So, yes, European Wax Center’s Ingrown Hair Serum kicks ass. I don’t know how it works, but it has earned a permanent spot in my beauty regimen. 

What embarrassing product would you like me to review? No limits, folks. (Except price limits, maybe.)

  • Clariza

    Hey I bought the serum and have been using it for 3 months. I admit not every single day twice a day but nothing has happened?!

  • Clariza

    Could you please email me back clarissa_matos3@hotmail.com bc i prob wont c whats on here

  • LC

    Can someone help me, please? So almost two weeks ago I got my very first Brazilian wax. Never been waxed in this area before. Got it done at the European Wax Center. It wasn’t so bad, but after everything was done and over. I was told to use the Ingrown Hair Serum to prevent break outs and ingrown hairs, at least twice a day. I did. A couple days ago, I noticed that I was breaking out so I called the business back and told them about and she said it wasn’t suppose to do that and that I should stop using it and see a doctor. I haven’t seen a doctor as of yet because I don’t have health insurance nor $250 for the ER. I just started using cortisone 10 and it helps the itch but not the break out. What can I do about this?? Somebody help me, please