Embarrassing Reviews: Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath Review

With all my back craziness, I visited my acunpuncturist to try to work things out. I’ve been desperate for a fix for my back, and noticed Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath. Since I was already visiting an acupuncturist, figured I’d give another alternative treatment a try. Works out stress and muscle tension? Sign me up. It also has amazing reviews on Amazon and retails there for only $2.63 for a one-time use package (or $25 for a giant jar).

Let’s see how it faired:

How I set the mood: I was home alone and tried to make this as relaxing as possible. I lit my Voluspa candle, dimmed the lights (bow chicka bow bow), and put on the Sexy Beats playlist. I was ready to relax/pretend I was Rihanna in a sexy music video/try to get rid of the awful pain in my back.

How you use the mustard bath: The process is simple – you put 2 oz. of the mustard bath powder into your bathtub while you’re filling it up with hot water (they put an emphasis on hot). You then bathe for 20 minutes, then take a cold shower and “use a rough towel and stay warm.” I think the rough towel is supposed to open your pores more. I’m not rich so I’m assuming all my towels are somewhere on the “rougher” end of the spectrum. 

What it smells like: I took a whiff of it, and the scent REALLY reminds me of my grandpa’s denture cleaner scent. You can’t smell any of the mustard, so don’t worry about that. It’s mostly wintergreen with a few other earthy scent tones. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t like “YEAHHHH CAN’T WAIT TO SMELL LIKE DENTURES!”

What it looks like: You guessed it, it turns your water quite yellow. This pic doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s, um, not very attractive. It’s on the exact opposite end of the spectrum of the blue powder they put in your foot bath at nail salons. If you’re nervous about soaking your body in what looks like pee, you should steer clear of this stuff.

What I felt like during: The bath does make your skin immediately soft. I felt a bit slippery but, hello, sexy Rihanna probably feels slippery on the regular. I soaked for the instructed 20 minutes.

So did I feel amazeballs after?: After I took my cold shower (more of a rinse, because I went from a cozy bath to the temperature of a penguin’s balls in Anarctica) and put on my fluffy robe, I felt refreshed. I didn’t feel as fabulous as I do after acunpuncture or a great massage, but I felt refereshed.

Was my back pain gone: Haha, not even close. This didn’t seem to make any difference in the level of pain I had in my back.

Would I do it again: Maybe. I haven’t yet tried Lush’s bath bombs, but I’d love to try them, despite the fact they’re about three times the price of Dr. Singha’s. The bath is nice, but I didn’t find it amazingly better than the showers I normally take.

What bath add-ins do you love?