The Best White Skirt for Summer


Okay, ladies, this skirt right here is a game changer. This is the best white skirt I’ve ever tried on. I was all about finding a tulle skirt this summer. From Etsy to Nordstrom, I was searching like a mad woman. Unfortunately, I realized tulle itches, um, really really bad. Scratch that (literally). I scored this full white bandage skirt at Francesca’s, but unfortunately it seems to be in-stores only. At $44, it’s a great investment and I’m super happy I picked one up.

This skirt is ultra flattering on your waist and super comfy. It has a zipper up the back but you can easily slide it on, which means if you put it on alone, you don’t have to do any Liz Lemon-type wiggle dances to get dressed.

Excuse my copious mosquito bites. Summer is a bitch. 43469665

Ronny shot this at the NC Legislative Building. I almost look like I could be a congressman’s wife right? You know, like the kind of congressman who has a side piece (gay of course) and probably does drugs on the side. 43469788

This white skirt outfit is especially easy because all you need is a crop top to go along with it. I also think it’d look great with an oxford or a structured t-shirt. 43469606

My awesome friend Shade Shakur did my makeup for this shoot. If you live in the Triangle and ever need makeup done – she’s the best. Her blog launches soon, and I’m looking forward to showing you more of her awesome work. 43469703

This lipstick is “Flat Out Fabulous” by MAC, along with the “More to Love” Pro Longwear lip liner. Deadly gorgeous combo. 43469657

Are you looking for any specific pieces this summer? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll get to looking!