Embarrassing Reviews: I Tried A Neti Pot

neti pot

Wondering if you should try a Neti pot? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s the most comprehensive and (maybe) one of the best neti pot reviews on the internet.

There is no moment of my life that I felt more glamorous, drool sliding down my chin like a mastiff’s, while saline water flooded my crusty nostrils and sinus cavity, sputtering into the sink. “This is the life,” I thought to myself, “This is why I got a master’s degree from Duke University. So that I could irrigate my nasal passages in my own bathroom while I stare aimlessly at the toothpaste remnants dotting my sink.”

If you’re looking to use a Neti pot, you might be wondering what it’s like. Straight up, it’s weird. But a good weird. Read on for my details to prepare you on your Neti pot adventure.

After being congested for more than a month and trying all of, or a combination of, Mucinex, Advil Cold & Sinus, Vicks Vaporub, Xyzal, some sort of nose spray, and prayers, nothing was working. I Googled “how to get rid of congestion at home” and the Neti pot reviews flew onto my screen. Apparently, Neti pots are meant to clean your airways for prana breathing in yoga. Those yogis. So wise.

How much does a Neti pot cost?

I headed to Whole Foods and spent $13.99 on a “travel” Neti pot – AKA a plastic one that was cheaper than the porcelain one ($19.99). I have seen the porcelain ones for $9.99 at Target, but unfortunately Target was further out of my way. Some folks say you can use a funnel to flood your nostrils, but this sounds like a gigantic pain in the ass, plus you have to have some pretty wide nostrils. I recommend just, ehm, buying a Neti pot. You can also find them for three bucks on Amazon. If you’ve got enough time to wait for shipping (AKA didn’t make an impulse decision like I did), it’s probably smart to order online.

What does using a Neti pot feel like?

No one tells you that you will feel the saline solution in your eyes. The water slowly floods your sinuses and comes out the corner of your eyes, but it’s a comfortable, cleansing feeling. This makes sense, since your sinuses go up through your eyes into your forehead (explaining those hellacious sinus headaches). Here’s an image with a bunch of medical jargon explaining where your sinuses are.

Using a Neti pot doesn’t feel like you’re drowning. While I’ve never drowned, I know the feeling of inhaling a bunch of salt water and feeling it sting the back of your throat (save the jokes). Using a Neti pot does not feel like that. If you keep your head forward enough – they say you should be able to see the sink drain while you flood your nose – and tilted to the side, you won’t get the uncomfortable feeling in the back of your throat. You’re supposed to use lukewarm water to irrigate your nostrils (I love this phrase – it makes me feel like my nose is a row of maize), which is kind of a pleasant warmth when it goes through your nose.

What comes out of your nose while you use a Neti pot?

A whole. Lot. Of. Snot. (At least if you’re congested.) Immediately following using your Neti pot, you feel like a million bucks. It’s like when you’re nauseous and finally blow chunks – you feel like you could run a marathon. I will admit I was congested again about two hours later after my first time using a Neti pot.

Will I feel better after I use a Neti pot?

Maybe. Maybe not. Since I’m not your doctor and I can’t predict your body’s reaction to a Neti pot, I can’t say for sure. However, I can tell you it made me feel better. I went from blowing my nose at least 30 times a day to probably about 10. And this is after only using the Neti pot three times. I’m not saying it’s a miracle product, but damn. It certainly helped.

Can I use a Neti pot while traveling?

Well considering I bought the TRAVEL Neti pot, sure, I imagine this can be used while traveling. *However*, do not use regular ol’ tap water in your Neti. You could get a brain-eating amoeba and die. No joke. The amoeba can be killed by stomach acid, but unfortunately your nasal passages can’t kill the buggers. So, either buy distilled/bottled water or find a way to boil your own while you’re on the go, and when you’re at home.

Ok, but really, should I use a Neti pot?

(Yeah, yeah, you should ask your medical professional first.) But in my opinion, yes. You should try a Neti pot. It feels awesome. You don’t drown. The experience is calming. Sure, you look like a freak while you do it – your mouth is agape and you’re spewing water out of your nostrils, but it gives you an opportunity to chill out and focus on your breathing.

Do you love your Neti pot? Or did it feel like drowning? Let me know in the comments.