Ariana Grande’s Ponytail: Some Fun Facts

Ariana Grande Ponytail Virgin Mary

Ariana Grande’s ponytail might exist solely to cover up a bald spot and her “ratchet” natural hair, but it’s actually a natural treasure. Did you know Ariana Grande’s ponytail is a Sagittarius?

Ariana Grande’s ponytail served in World War II. It received a Purple Heart for protecting soldiers from Japanese crossfire.

Ariana Grande Ponytail Purple Heart

Ariana Grande’s ponytail sleeps on a bed of nails to avoid any possible bedhead that may alter its pristine appearance.

Ariana Grande Box of Nails

Ariana Grande’s ponytail was created by blind nuns in a secret dungeon in the Vatican in 1678. It’s said to be made of dragon feathers and the armpit hair of the Virgin Mary.

Ariana Grande Ponytail Nun

Ariana Grande’s ponytail once belonged to another music star, but has been barred from speaking on it in public. The ponytail is also said to control sanity levels and attract sub-par black male entertainers.

Mariah Carey Ponytail

Ariana Grande’s ponytail can repel hammerhead sharks.

Ariana Grande Ponytail Hammerhead Sharks


Ariana Grande’s ponytail got its big break playing the smoke monster on “Lost.”

Ariana Grande Smoke Monster

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