Allergy Face: A Fashionista’s Faux Pas

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The two worst things that can happen to a fashionable woman:

  1. Wearing the same dress as your arch enemy at an event.
  2. Being asked by that same arch enemy if you’re “sick,” because your “eyes look really red.”

I, like many humans, am not immune to the throws of nature. Just as fall comes every year, so do the itchy eyes and the stuffy nose – and suddenly I am no longer a charming (ha!) blogger – I am suddenly a hideous monster that arises from the depths of allergy hell. But I’m not alone – more than half of women have been asked if they’re “coming down with something” when their eyes are red and itchy. And to the women asking that – RUDE!

Luckily, there’s Zyrtec. The oral antihistamine is the most recommended over-the-counter allergy combatter by allergists.  It seems that other fashionistas were experiencing similar Allergy Face issues, and Zyrtec honed in on their beauty problems for this fantastic infographic. It’s no wonder that 2/3 of women feel ugly during allergy season – “Why, of course, I’d love to go on a date with you, hot man! Hopefully my nose won’t run during dinner!”

I love Rebekah George’s video tip for avoiding a rosy face during allergy season – mix in some aloe vera with your foundation and you’re less likely to have a red face. But if aloe vera isn’t on hand, there’s always Zyrtec – my go-to for keeping nasty allergies at bay.

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