12 One-Piece Bathing Suits That Won’t Cause a Nip Slip

Over the weekend, I visited my friend’s neighborhood pool. Being from Michigan, I’m still getting use to the idea that you can visit pools before July, let alone have one dedicated to a neighborhood. I rolled up in my one-piece (because one-pieces are hella chic and because I like chocolate chip cookies) and then quickly glanced at the girl on the chair nearby.

Now, I wish I could have been the asshole who takes a picture of this girl and shared it for you all, however, I’m worried that may be child pornography and I’m not going to jail. HOWEVER, this girl was wearing this bathing suit:

Props to the girl for having a body similar to the above (clearly she doesn’t like cookies and burgers like I do), however, this isn’t exactly the kind of bathing suit I would wear in a public forum – with my mother.

Yes, she was at the pool with her mom. Now, as we all know, I don’t slut-shame and I don’t tell women what they should or shouldn’t be wearing. However, if you’re at the public pool with your mom and she’s talking about how she “still does your laundry” (hey, I bet she doesn’t have much to do! BADUMTISHHH!), maybe you should have another option that doesn’t make my eyes pop out of my head like an old school Bugs Bunny cartoon.

So here are 12 bathing suits that are ultra cute, ultra fashionable, and won’t make me feel weird for staring at a teenager’s butt.

Family-Appropriate One-Piece Swimsuits

Family-Appropriate One-Piece Swimsuits by theaneal featuring swim suits

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